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2011-11-12 04:05:16 by dread6857

The internet needs a official national anthem, nyan cat, numa numa, the gag quartet?
Comment if you have any other ideas.
We need to decide.


2010-11-06 09:04:24 by dread6857

Your locked in Jail. A friend will call you. A good friend will visit you. Your best is sitting next to you saying damn that was fun.


2010-10-14 09:41:12 by dread6857

Out of 10 people 1 understands binary and the other 1 doesn't.


2010-08-23 09:03:21 by dread6857

violence is never the answer...unless the question is what isn't the answer.


2009-11-09 04:24:12 by dread6857

beauty is only skin deep........BUT UGLY IS TO THE BONE!!!!